16 Feb 2018

OMG…. I never give 5 stars but anything short would just be a lie!
So after booking a bouquet of flowers for my dear friend who was staring in a show at the Adelaide Fringe Festival with a competitor florist, yes they took my money two weeks ago but let me down TWICE on the delivery! �
I contacted the amazing Jodie at at frantic 3am UK time to beg for help! Bare in mind this was Valentine’s Day and her busiest day of her year!  She couldn’t have been nicer, more helpful and came to my rescue! She hand delivered the flowers to the theatre.. talk about personal service!
My friend received them in her dressing room as a total surprise and just before she went on stage for her big performance.  I work in the luxury retail and we always talk about customer experience and customer empathy.. this is what’s lacking in the retail world nowadays.. that human approach, that personal want to help another human being. To make people days!
Jodie – you made my day and my friends day and you can be so proud of the empathy and care that you bring to your business!
All I can say is if you need a florist in the Hindmarsh area do not go anywhere else! Support Jodie, support Her new business as she is passionate about people and making a difference to someone’s day.. after alll isn’t that why we send flowers? I haven’t even mentioned that the flowers were truly stunning!
Many thanks and best wishes for your business!
Jemma xxx


          3 July 2017

Hi Jodie
Thanks for the invoice and also for the absolutely gorgeous arrangement fro Angela. She loved them and the prompt delivery too.
Thank again and have a great day!